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Welcome to Alltronics LLC. We are based in Silicon Valley and have been supplying wholesale electrical and electro-mechanical parts for companies, educational institutions and hobbyists for over 36yrs. Our warehouse is stocked with a wide range of new and surplus parts used for Prototyping, Electromechanical, Lighting, Lasing, Robotics, CNC's, Power and RF applications. We sell online at, and our Top-Rated eBAY Store or simply give us a call between 10am-3pm Pacific on 1-408-778-3868 and we can take your order right over the phone. Orders in stock are generally processed within 1-2 business days and we will ship worldwide using USPS and UPS. We have also extended our "lowest cost with tracking" shipping option to include USPS 1st class to reduce shipping costs for lightweight domestic and select international packages.

Please note, we are not a walk-in retail store, but we do offer a "will-call" service for our many Bay Area customers, where you can order online ( or eBay) and then call us to arrange a time to pick-up Monday-Friday between 11am & 3pm Pacific.

For your convenience, we accept Paypal, VISA, Mastercard and American Express payments. For custom RFQ's, inventory queries or your surplus electronics offers please email and we will contact you within 48hrs if we are interested in making you an offer.

Alltronics Top Sellers
HP-5082-9496 (Pkg of 4 matched diodes)
Anodized Aluminum heatsink-for TO-220 pkg devices
KBPC5010-Bridge Rectifier
650nm, 5mW-Pulsed Laser Diode Module

Alltronics Whats New !
Burr Brown Digital to Analog Converter # PMC1702K
100pF, 50V Thick Film Capacitors
220 Ohm, 2 Watt Power Resistor
Hewlett Packard RED Light Bar # HLMP-2350
Samtec Conn Header 20 pin # SSW-125-01-G-D
Aromat Relay # DF2E-DC24V
2 x 25 way Direct PCB Edge Connector #KH25/9JNK5
Straight Solder Pin DB-50 Male
Schroff Test Adapter Board # 23021654
45mm (L) x 45mm (W) Heavy Duty T0-3 Heatsink
Progammable Array Logic PALCE22V10H_10PC/5 - PAL
Progammable Array Logic PAL16P8ACN - PAL
SPST Rocker Switch
DB-25M Wire Wrap Connector
Alltronics Deals
OSM NEMA17 Single Shaft 1A/63oz-in Stepper Motor
ZTX650 Transistor
Consolidated 4450 RG58C/U Coax Cable (By the foot)
High Definition Audio Processor Unit
SPST On/Off Toggle Switch - 20A
100K Ohm Linear Potentiometer
2N3053 NPN Transistor
Tecate 0.78uF, 250v Polyester Capacitor

Customer Comments
See what some of Alltronics loyal customers write about us! "Just wanted to thank you for the incredibly prompt and professional service", "You have a really nice assortment of experimenter parts. Great to find your site!", "This site is great, I am going to tell everyone at about you and they are going to go crazy when they see your deals!!"

About Alltronics
Alltronics has been in the low cost electronics surplus business for 30+ years. We are now based in Santa Clara, CA and ship world wide via USPS and UPS. We aim to provide you a more personalized service and the best in surplus electronics for both hobbyist and professional. Please browse our 9000+ items and check out our "What's New" section as we have added many new products in the last year!
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